Tale of a forgotten boy

There was once a forgotten boy
His existence was like the falling snowflake
Only one, out of the trillions, easily overlooked
And got stomped upon its grand debut on the ground.

He hated to be forgotten all the time.
Those feelings of being left out
That sensation of being alone
he disliked them all
He wanted a change.

So one day,
he began struggling
he kept on struggling
however, it was nothing other than a wild goose chase

Now he gives up
he decides to live with it
he camouflages himself with a pokerface
he chooses to have no emotions
because they all weighed him in the past
it is pointless anyway

Once ignored, forever be ignored.
The pitiful boy whose heart was once pure and bright had been slowly tarnished.
Being tarnished by the cruelty of this world, he sniffed in a bit and became back his emotionless self again.
Like a robot
The gears still move despite getting rusty over time.
Life still goes on even as a wandering ghost……

The end of the tale of this long-forgotten boy who once strove for merely a second of attention from people but he failed.



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