Fairly Wizardy

A sweet scent of tulips tickled his nose, he sneezed and woke up.

“Where am I?” was the very first question popped in his mind. The current scene he was seeing made no sense connecting with his previous memory.

“I should be sleeping on my bed.” He mumbled, having no idea what had happened when he slumbered.

“What are these?” Spoke in his mind as he grabbed up a bit of lemongrass. He stood up and the wind stroke his face tenderly, he felt welcomed, somehow. Without much more consideration, he then started walking through the mysterious path in the forest.

The little green sprites were hopping around above the pond, mischievously, giving extra sense of serenity brought by the mother nature there. The tiny purple fairies roamed around like a glowing orb that shone the brightest in the dim woods. They behaved gently, having their own fun nonchalantly, as if this boy was never there since then.

He strolled deeper into the woods and at the end there located a huge building, about 50 feet high. He was overwhelmed not only by the height but the beauty of the building too. The transparent butterfly wings flapped a few times and columns of water streamed through the roof, entering the building after that. He took a closer look at the sign nearby, it says “Welcome to Fairy Academy.”

The door was left ajar, thus he went in, was hoping to find anybody to enlighten him. Nevertheless, a man stopped him at his back, the man grasped his shirt, “Who do you think you are to intrude here?”

“I’m sorry…” He apologized in fear and the man released his hand. He remained silence until the robed man kicked his knee, “What are you waiting for? Tell the name, kiddo.” The boy whimpered loudly as he held his knee.

“I…I…” He halted as he was truly horrified.
“Aw, Karajan, keep your temper from our guest. Don’t you know you never fail to frighten the student in the first place?” A woman’s voice came from inside. The woman rubbed her purple crystal ball and moved to them sluggishly.
“Hmph, alright then. But not before his introduction!” Sir Karajan just couldn’t let the poor boy go easily.

“My name…My name is Yong Lin.” His voice trembled as he stated his name.
“A fine name it is, you must be the new student right? Are you interested in magic?” The kind woman smiled as she questioned.

“Yes… But… I wanted to know… Where is this place?” He grabbed his chests and panted as he spoke.
“Poor thing… Wait a moment please.” She quickly ran to the tall stem at her side and shouted, “Oh Alcudi! Alcudi! Could you get your new classmate some tea?”

“Okay, Principal Ivana! At an instant.” A short boy with a pair of frameless spectacles jumped on the leaves on the stem.
“Wait! Is that you? Adam?” Yong Lin was surprised to see this boy who had just landed from the upper floor.
“What Adam? I am Alcudi, the Wizard in training.“ He corrected Yong Lin, thinking that Yong Lin made a mistake.
“But… It IS you! How comes?” Yong Lin dashed to him and caught his shoulders, taking a careful look. Alcudi slammed his hands away and moved a step backwards from him.

“Now…now… Be calm…” Principal Ivana giggled.

Memories, are marks created by our past…
Still, it may vanish or get distorted effortlessly…
Odd things were odd, I couldn’t recognize my friend.

Maybe it was me, who had disappeared from the world for too long, just that I wasn’t aware.


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