Fairly Wizardy II

He opened the wooden door lifelessly and glimpsed at the fluffy-looking bed with strong desire imbued in his eyes, as if a desperate man found an oasis under the hot sun in the middle of the desert. He ran towards the bed and gave it a tight hug. Yong Lin was exhausted after so many incidents happening all at once. He needed a rest.

Packets of tealeaves stuffed inside the pillow released a strong fragrant, crowding into his noses and unwound his overtightened thoughts. It felt so great to take a lie on a comfy grassy bed like this. After a while, he stopped bending over and had a flip, facing upwards to the shining lilies that tangled the pillar above him.

He started recalling what had been ringing at his ears as he pondered.
What kind of place is this? Glowing butterflies, fairies, wizard and people with pointed ears? Do they… really exist? No… Living through these 18 years I had currently is more than enough to convince me that all these are fake, like what my father had been telling me…..

Yong Lin once possessed all kinds of dreams when he was a lot younger, he tended to draw out every of his brilliant creation by his imagination. But then, his parents, especially his father, began forbidding their son to remain in his own world of delusions despite being an adult soon since four to five years ago. His father threw away all his beautiful painting and sketches, some even couldn’t escape from the fate of being burnt in a dustbin. What’s worse was every scene happened right before his eyes, he was forced to view the disappearance of his own world.

Slowly after that dramatically traumatic incident, he lost his imagination, somehow.
“It’s just that I prefer reasoning than making artistic things which couldn’t even feed me.” Said Yong Lin very straightforwardly as he rejected his classmates’ offer to create murals for their school during the last few weeks of classes.

What’s wrong to be imaginative? Must I be a completely logical adult to get a living in this world? If it’s so, I feel…I feel like staying like this… Just as a teenager. Speaking of teenager, what is Adam doing here? Was that a type of silly trickery he put on me? It’s been a while since we bade farewell after graduation.

A hard-cover book was thrown onto his face. “AW!” He got up instantly and found Alcudi standing there with a slightly impatient look on his face.
“The principal needs the recipe for her new set of potions in her cauldron.” He informed.
“What? So she needs us?” Yong Lin left his bed, “Yes, we are heading to the second floor.”

“Can’t you just go and do it yourself while I take a nice nap at first floor here?” Yong Lin asked, feeling that it was ridiculous to get a recipe together. Alcudi frowned and Yong Lin added, “It’s just a recipe, a piece of written paper inside a book, it can’t be running around on the floor, right?”

“Of course it can.” Yong Lin was shocked, “Come on, no time to waste, move before I turn you into a tadpole and feed the fish nearby.” Alcudi’s threat was terrifying indeed. Yong Lin dashed out of his room and questioned Alcudi, “WHERE’S THE LIBRARY?”


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