Fairly Wizardy III

“Ah!” Yong Lin accidentally plucked out one of the leaves on the tall beanstalk he was climbing.
“Can’t you be a little more tender? Don’t you know it hurts even for a plant?” Scolded Alcudi at the top of the stalk, approaching the library at second floor.

“I know! Therefore don’t you think it’s plant abuse to treat them as ladder?” Counterattacked Yong Lin as he grabbed another giant leaf above barely, “Don’t be silly. There is no such thing as plant abuse in this world, get up here already!” Alcudi refused to listen and Yong Lin sighed, accepted his claim.

It surely took up some effort and courage for Yong Lin to climb a fragile-looking stem with a height of 15 meters. However, all these was nothing when he was overwhelmed by the gigantic library lying inside this fairy academy. Countless racks of books, hibernating quietly, stayed in this ancient library. “It had been nearly two centuries since the library had existed.” Stated Alcudi as he took out his wooden wand from his robe, the age of the library was surprising enough to Yong Lin.

“How are we supposed to find one particular book out of the millions?” Yong Lin’s question amused Alcudi, “Ask the fairies here, of course.” He sneered as he called one of the fairies swarming below the lamp. A blue fairy it was. He then told it the book the principal wanted.

“Come on! No time!” The moment the fairy flew away, Alcudi summoned a flying broom and motioned Yong Lin to take a ride along. It was a speedy journey, Yong Lin couldn’t open his eyes as the strong wind blew onto his face. He didn’t even notice when they had landed until Alcudi dropped him off to the ground.

“OUCH!” He rubbed his head, “Humans without magic surely suffer a lot…” Alcudi sighed as he waved his wand. A pair of work gloves nearby was levitated to get the book on top for him.
“Hmph, although he said TWO persons group work for this, all I see was just personal work.” Yong Lin was not happy, he ran to the rack and snatched the floating book as soon as it came down till an approachable height.

“WHAT are you doing?” Alcudi was angry, “TEAMWORK as you called it.” Teased Yong Lin, flipping to a page where a piece of folded note written with summary of all recipes was in. He took it out proudly, “See, I got…” The note squeezed out from his hand and ran away, “…it?” Alcudi palmed his forehead, “Didn’t I tell you they can run?”

“But…but.. It can’t be… It doesn’t follow the law of physics… at all…” The little scientist-to-be was horrified.”Your logic is invalid and ridiculous. Screw that whatever Fish Sack you called. A paper can absolutely run, now we’ll have to find it.”

They looked for it through every rack it could hide, they even had to skim through the books sometimes. The search seemed endless since there were too many books in this place. Yong Lin, feeling extremely guilty, had been freezing at the same spot while Alcudi carried out his “Hide and Seek” game with that naughty piece of note.

Luckily, the search didn’t last long.

Myriad fairies flew to them, what they were holding together was that piece of note just now.
Yong Lin was still having a mental breakdown, “Thank you so much! I know my beloved fairies would never disappoint me!” Alcudi caught his head and dragged him onto the broom,”Now, ow, we have to move.”

Within twinkling of eye, they arrived at ground floor. Principal Ivana looked satisfied, “Thank you.”

Not all things abide by the order obediently, I guess. There are always exceptions. And all these exceptions have their own unique orders too. This supposed to be a dream, but a dream where I remained awake…


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