Fairly Wizardy IV

Life is always best resembled with a stalk of rose, I had always believed so.
It never fails to deceive us with its beauty, that crimson beauty which can hardly be erased from our mind, knowing the fact that the red colour could mean death, bloodily death.

What’s more with the thorns hidden beneath its petals? We are born to mislead people, under all kinds of circumstances, at almost every timing, aren’t we? Then, we give them a spike whenever we want? Don’t we?

“We lost sanity when we have too much of them, eh?” Mumbled Philosopher Yong Lin near the cauldron. “Son, what did you say?” The stout and grumpy Sir Karajan just wanted to bully this newbie. He knocked lightly on Yong Lin’s head and asked.

“Oh~Nothing.” Yong Lin replied with awkward giggles in the end. Principal Ivana carefully put in the petals of roses, bit by bit and frequently referred to the floating recipe beside her to ensure nothing was wrong. The wooden spoon kept on stirring the blobbing potion by itself.

“Principal Ivana, doesn’t the potion look odd?” Wizard Alcudi was bewildered.
“Well, my dear. This potion isn’t simple to make. We need to let it ferment for a little.” Said Principal Ivana as she formed a hemisphere magical barrier covering the cauldron.

“What kind of potion is that?” Said Yong Lin in his mind. The Principal seemed pretty relaxed, she walked towards Yong Lin, “I know what you are thinking, all of them.” The little scientist-to-be thought this old spinster was just pulling his leg, not until…”This is a potion that can grant you wishes.” She whispered very softly when she passed him by on her way back to her room.

“She…She can read my mind?” Yong Lin muttered, feeling really surprised. “What?” Wizard Alcudi came to him and pinched his face, “We’ll need a few lotus seeds to complete the potion, now, come.” Although Yong Lin had already positioned himself properly on the broom, well-prepared for a great flight, Wizard Alcudi did nothing.

“Aren’t you coming?” He asked. “Nope, you’re going on your own. It’s the basic of them all to learn flying a broom.” Lectured this young magician proudly. Yong Lin got off the broom immediately after that, “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you expect a beginner like me to drive a mad broom and get banged into all types of tree trunks outside there, then maybe a giant man-eating plant will have its feast out of nowhere? Or perhaps there will be a sky accident later, do you want all that trouble?”

“Sure, why not?” Wizard Alcudi’s answer had just made someone speechless. “I’ll walk.” He got out and after half an hour he came back safely…with a lot “new friends” though… It was such a hassle to have a piranha biting his pants and a huge nepenthes chewing his hair, “You’re one heartless boy.” Ignoring his nasty comment, Wizard Alcudi calmly waved his wand and everything vanished, no wound, no blood, no scar. Before Yong Lin said anything else, he yawned and nonchalantly returned to his room.

This is a potion that can grant you wishes
Principal Ivana, her words, echoed inside Yong Lin’s head.

At the wee hours of the day, people were sleeping. The hall had only a shielded cauldron left, cooking the new potion – Nobody else. A shadow sneaked to the cauldron, timidly his hands trembled, approaching the potion.

“Could you kindly tell me on what are you doing right now?” The familiar high-pitched voice came from the shadow’s back. The glowing fairies lighted up the place a little.

“Tell me, Yong Lin.” Asked Principal Ivana.


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