Fairly Wizardy V

“Take a seat.” She spoke as she poured Yong Lin a cup of steaming tea. The tea scorched his lips on his very first slip, “Careful, it’s hot.” Advised Principal Ivana as she put her teapot down.

Rain came showering the forest slowly. It’s somehow silence, somehow not. Yong Lin said nothing, he just stared at his tea, feeling slightly guilty for being a thief. “It’s okay that you take the potion if you wanted it…” His face brightened up, a little,”But…I must know WHY did you want it.That’s the case I concern.”

Should I tell her? Guess I should… Without hesitation, he began telling the truth, “I do not belong here.” The old principal was not suprised, “Of course you don’t. However you have something to do here.”

“What?” She carried on, “You are one fine boy whom the god blessed you with one of the most precious things that human treasured since centuries ago, but then they had forgotten about it a few decades ago. It’s something… Inside here.” She left her seat, patting Yong Lin’s head as she said.

I know what is it… It’s my Imagination.
Yong Lin knew it all the time, just that the world he came from disallowed him to do. He was afraid to lose this talent… a wonderful talent that had brought the people in the world he lives tremendous development and overwhelming artworks. Inventions, painting arts, musics, fiction, everything, everything in that world requires one to be imaginative.

A decision had been made in his mind, “I wanted to go back and Adam is coming along too.”
“Sure, you can always go back as soon as you get things done, but sadly, it’s a no no for Adam.” She drank her tea a bit, explaining as Yong Lin’s face implored, “He can get happier in here. He can never be that happy in the world he came from.”

“But…” His line was interrupted as Principal Ivana hit the table, “My dear, do you even know how much pain does that poor boy have to suffer there?”

Yes, I do. I know Adam’s misfortune more than anyone else. His imagination was crushed along with his naivety. One who is always forgotten, repelled, exiled from the crew, Adam, all those bleeding sentences imprinted in his diary, all those inaudible shredding screams from him, did nightmare end on his graduation? I guess no.


“I need the potion. Please give it to me.” Principal Ivana was determined at her choice. “If you believe that with me and this potion, I can bring Adam more than these.” He said it, confidently.

The dusky crystal ball nearby rolled off the table, then landed, crashed and shattered.


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