Fairly Wizardy VI

“It’s a nightmare.” Mumbled the principal of the academy.
“Nope…” The man in a black tuxedo declined, “It’s a miracle for this child to get into your forest.”
“This can’t be another mischief from that beanstalk giant right?” Senior Karajan spoke with a horse voice. “Teach this mortal some spells of yours, Ivana.” Then very hurriedly, the man left.

Sir Karajan dug the fainted boy’s pocket, hoping to find some clues on his identity, however, nothing was found other than sticky blobs of mud. The child was dirtied with mud, looked like he was just carried from the pond to the academy. “16-18 years old, I guess.” Approaching the boy, Sir Karajan speculated. “Poor boy.” The principal showed some sympathy, “Alcudi.” She uttered, “That will be his name.” She decided so as she moved him upstairs with floating spells.

When one is confused, one would follow what the majority does when observing.
This is called “Conformity”, which is an ability we had utilized for ages whenever we are adapting to a new enviroment.
“However, adapting to something could mean to forget something in the past too..” Muttered Yong Lin as he twirled the bottle of potion.

And failing to adapt to the group means to be repelled, being repelled means to be alone, being alone means to be inferior, being inferior, through all kinds of processes can equal to…

“Death…” A radical answer given by Yong Lin.

“But this is not the point! The point is – What could I wish for him?” His mind could stop thinking of this.

When one is focusing at something else and had been irritated by the noises for long, one would somehow ignore it.
The name is “Neural adaptation”, where your senses had already made used of the existence of the targeted background noises.

The brutal cry for help, from you, Adam, couldn’t be transmitted to me…

I almost forgot… that Adam did vanish before…” Yong Lin, feeling guilty, hit the window with his forehead. He recalled one of the major news that went slipped off his eyes when he was busy with his assignments. Adam was spotted at the lakeside on the day when the case happened, people thought this philosopher was in a bad mood and also he’s a repelled one in his community, therefore…

Nobody cared.

In the afternoon later on, he was gone, leaving his bag at the lakeside.

Where could he be? Isn’t the answer obvious?

Why did I feel so immoral of myself? Perhaps… Maybe I am actually the culprit for his suicidal?

“Yong Lin.” A call from the door outside, “Get the door opened.” Ordered Alcudi and Yong Lin quickly got him entered. He was holding a huge chest and that chest, “Wait.”, was magically sealed. With a few swings made by his wand, the seal became broken easily.

“What are you doing?” Asked Yong Lin.”These…” The young magician showed Yong Lin a number of scrolls in the chest, “They are my treasure.” He untied one of them, “All these are my favorite spells which I find it extremely fun when I learned it.”

“So…?” Yong Lin still didn’t get the situation.”First, I apologize. Sorry for being rude to you. I didn’t mean to be cold or hostile.” He took out the other scrolls. “Second, I brought all these because I wanted to share it with my new friend.”

Yong Lin, upon hearing that line from Alcudi, had his heart whipped by his conscience.

Guilt… stop coming to me… Don’t make my choice years ago a kind of karma…
What would Adam become if I was by his side all the time?

Will it… make a difference?


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