Sunken prayer

May the god bless the wise one
To be rendered immortality
May the goddess bless the brave one
To be granted victory.

The sword which was showered bloodily
Had enlightened our tomorrow for us.
The shining armor which was brutally shattered
Shall bring new life for our people the day after.

The bloodshed field fragranced the battle even more
The swordsmen whose rationality was eaten
The mages whom were bisected right upon the spells
The war, represented cruelty.
The mortality, represented endless greed.

Oh empress, my beloved empress,
The words you bestow upon me
Weighted my will
Bonded my soul
Slaughtered my freedom

Your tender stroke,
Also the wish you voiced gently,
An accursed command it is.

But I left no regret.
Even till the very end.
May my soul be tarnished by you


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