You’re sometimes cold, sometimes passionate.
You sometimes goes kind and sometimes goes with hostility.
A fine comment from you containing sarcasm,
It’s so contagious that it gets me addicted.
Gently I climb onto your balance,
My existence somehow shakes your will.
You acted alright,
But I was never aware of your motive.

Your pheromone knotted my nose,
Your strong image imprinted in my mind,
Your voice echoed within my thoughts.

To me,
You’re just as mysterious as the treasures under the hidden sea.
You’re just as capricious as the naughty imps.

Being with you, It’s a risk,
never a breeze but a bid.
What I always wished?
It’ll be getting to you bit by bit

So when I can get you or when will you get me?
Is it a never or an ever?
Perhaps fate shall decide and enlighten me?


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