Fairly Wizardy V

“Take a seat.” She spoke as she poured Yong Lin a cup of steaming tea. The tea scorched his lips on his very first slip, “Careful, it’s hot.” Advised Principal Ivana as she put her teapot down.

Rain came showering the forest slowly. It’s somehow silence, somehow not. Yong Lin said nothing, he just stared at his tea, feeling slightly guilty for being a thief. “It’s okay that you take the potion if you wanted it…” His face brightened up, a little,”But…I must know WHY did you want it.That’s the case I concern.”

Should I tell her? Guess I should… Without hesitation, he began telling the truth, “I do not belong here.” The old principal was not suprised, “Of course you don’t. However you have something to do here.”

“What?” She carried on, “You are one fine boy whom the god blessed you with one of the most precious things that human treasured since centuries ago, but then they had forgotten about it a few decades ago. It’s something… Inside here.” She left her seat, patting Yong Lin’s head as she said.

I know what is it… It’s my Imagination.
Yong Lin knew it all the time, just that the world he came from disallowed him to do. He was afraid to lose this talent… a wonderful talent that had brought the people in the world he lives tremendous development and overwhelming artworks. Inventions, painting arts, musics, fiction, everything, everything in that world requires one to be imaginative.

A decision had been made in his mind, “I wanted to go back and Adam is coming along too.”
“Sure, you can always go back as soon as you get things done, but sadly, it’s a no no for Adam.” She drank her tea a bit, explaining as Yong Lin’s face implored, “He can get happier in here. He can never be that happy in the world he came from.”

“But…” His line was interrupted as Principal Ivana hit the table, “My dear, do you even know how much pain does that poor boy have to suffer there?”

Yes, I do. I know Adam’s misfortune more than anyone else. His imagination was crushed along with his naivety. One who is always forgotten, repelled, exiled from the crew, Adam, all those bleeding sentences imprinted in his diary, all those inaudible shredding screams from him, did nightmare end on his graduation? I guess no.


“I need the potion. Please give it to me.” Principal Ivana was determined at her choice. “If you believe that with me and this potion, I can bring Adam more than these.” He said it, confidently.

The dusky crystal ball nearby rolled off the table, then landed, crashed and shattered.


Fairly Wizardy IV

Life is always best resembled with a stalk of rose, I had always believed so.
It never fails to deceive us with its beauty, that crimson beauty which can hardly be erased from our mind, knowing the fact that the red colour could mean death, bloodily death.

What’s more with the thorns hidden beneath its petals? We are born to mislead people, under all kinds of circumstances, at almost every timing, aren’t we? Then, we give them a spike whenever we want? Don’t we?

“We lost sanity when we have too much of them, eh?” Mumbled Philosopher Yong Lin near the cauldron. “Son, what did you say?” The stout and grumpy Sir Karajan just wanted to bully this newbie. He knocked lightly on Yong Lin’s head and asked.

“Oh~Nothing.” Yong Lin replied with awkward giggles in the end. Principal Ivana carefully put in the petals of roses, bit by bit and frequently referred to the floating recipe beside her to ensure nothing was wrong. The wooden spoon kept on stirring the blobbing potion by itself.

“Principal Ivana, doesn’t the potion look odd?” Wizard Alcudi was bewildered.
“Well, my dear. This potion isn’t simple to make. We need to let it ferment for a little.” Said Principal Ivana as she formed a hemisphere magical barrier covering the cauldron.

“What kind of potion is that?” Said Yong Lin in his mind. The Principal seemed pretty relaxed, she walked towards Yong Lin, “I know what you are thinking, all of them.” The little scientist-to-be thought this old spinster was just pulling his leg, not until…”This is a potion that can grant you wishes.” She whispered very softly when she passed him by on her way back to her room.

“She…She can read my mind?” Yong Lin muttered, feeling really surprised. “What?” Wizard Alcudi came to him and pinched his face, “We’ll need a few lotus seeds to complete the potion, now, come.” Although Yong Lin had already positioned himself properly on the broom, well-prepared for a great flight, Wizard Alcudi did nothing.

“Aren’t you coming?” He asked. “Nope, you’re going on your own. It’s the basic of them all to learn flying a broom.” Lectured this young magician proudly. Yong Lin got off the broom immediately after that, “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you expect a beginner like me to drive a mad broom and get banged into all types of tree trunks outside there, then maybe a giant man-eating plant will have its feast out of nowhere? Or perhaps there will be a sky accident later, do you want all that trouble?”

“Sure, why not?” Wizard Alcudi’s answer had just made someone speechless. “I’ll walk.” He got out and after half an hour he came back safely…with a lot “new friends” though… It was such a hassle to have a piranha biting his pants and a huge nepenthes chewing his hair, “You’re one heartless boy.” Ignoring his nasty comment, Wizard Alcudi calmly waved his wand and everything vanished, no wound, no blood, no scar. Before Yong Lin said anything else, he yawned and nonchalantly returned to his room.

This is a potion that can grant you wishes
Principal Ivana, her words, echoed inside Yong Lin’s head.

At the wee hours of the day, people were sleeping. The hall had only a shielded cauldron left, cooking the new potion – Nobody else. A shadow sneaked to the cauldron, timidly his hands trembled, approaching the potion.

“Could you kindly tell me on what are you doing right now?” The familiar high-pitched voice came from the shadow’s back. The glowing fairies lighted up the place a little.

“Tell me, Yong Lin.” Asked Principal Ivana.

Fairly Wizardy III

“Ah!” Yong Lin accidentally plucked out one of the leaves on the tall beanstalk he was climbing.
“Can’t you be a little more tender? Don’t you know it hurts even for a plant?” Scolded Alcudi at the top of the stalk, approaching the library at second floor.

“I know! Therefore don’t you think it’s plant abuse to treat them as ladder?” Counterattacked Yong Lin as he grabbed another giant leaf above barely, “Don’t be silly. There is no such thing as plant abuse in this world, get up here already!” Alcudi refused to listen and Yong Lin sighed, accepted his claim.

It surely took up some effort and courage for Yong Lin to climb a fragile-looking stem with a height of 15 meters. However, all these was nothing when he was overwhelmed by the gigantic library lying inside this fairy academy. Countless racks of books, hibernating quietly, stayed in this ancient library. “It had been nearly two centuries since the library had existed.” Stated Alcudi as he took out his wooden wand from his robe, the age of the library was surprising enough to Yong Lin.

“How are we supposed to find one particular book out of the millions?” Yong Lin’s question amused Alcudi, “Ask the fairies here, of course.” He sneered as he called one of the fairies swarming below the lamp. A blue fairy it was. He then told it the book the principal wanted.

“Come on! No time!” The moment the fairy flew away, Alcudi summoned a flying broom and motioned Yong Lin to take a ride along. It was a speedy journey, Yong Lin couldn’t open his eyes as the strong wind blew onto his face. He didn’t even notice when they had landed until Alcudi dropped him off to the ground.

“OUCH!” He rubbed his head, “Humans without magic surely suffer a lot…” Alcudi sighed as he waved his wand. A pair of work gloves nearby was levitated to get the book on top for him.
“Hmph, although he said TWO persons group work for this, all I see was just personal work.” Yong Lin was not happy, he ran to the rack and snatched the floating book as soon as it came down till an approachable height.

“WHAT are you doing?” Alcudi was angry, “TEAMWORK as you called it.” Teased Yong Lin, flipping to a page where a piece of folded note written with summary of all recipes was in. He took it out proudly, “See, I got…” The note squeezed out from his hand and ran away, “…it?” Alcudi palmed his forehead, “Didn’t I tell you they can run?”

“But…but.. It can’t be… It doesn’t follow the law of physics… at all…” The little scientist-to-be was horrified.”Your logic is invalid and ridiculous. Screw that whatever Fish Sack you called. A paper can absolutely run, now we’ll have to find it.”

They looked for it through every rack it could hide, they even had to skim through the books sometimes. The search seemed endless since there were too many books in this place. Yong Lin, feeling extremely guilty, had been freezing at the same spot while Alcudi carried out his “Hide and Seek” game with that naughty piece of note.

Luckily, the search didn’t last long.

Myriad fairies flew to them, what they were holding together was that piece of note just now.
Yong Lin was still having a mental breakdown, “Thank you so much! I know my beloved fairies would never disappoint me!” Alcudi caught his head and dragged him onto the broom,”Now, ow, we have to move.”

Within twinkling of eye, they arrived at ground floor. Principal Ivana looked satisfied, “Thank you.”

Not all things abide by the order obediently, I guess. There are always exceptions. And all these exceptions have their own unique orders too. This supposed to be a dream, but a dream where I remained awake…

Fairly Wizardy II

He opened the wooden door lifelessly and glimpsed at the fluffy-looking bed with strong desire imbued in his eyes, as if a desperate man found an oasis under the hot sun in the middle of the desert. He ran towards the bed and gave it a tight hug. Yong Lin was exhausted after so many incidents happening all at once. He needed a rest.

Packets of tealeaves stuffed inside the pillow released a strong fragrant, crowding into his noses and unwound his overtightened thoughts. It felt so great to take a lie on a comfy grassy bed like this. After a while, he stopped bending over and had a flip, facing upwards to the shining lilies that tangled the pillar above him.

He started recalling what had been ringing at his ears as he pondered.
What kind of place is this? Glowing butterflies, fairies, wizard and people with pointed ears? Do they… really exist? No… Living through these 18 years I had currently is more than enough to convince me that all these are fake, like what my father had been telling me…..

Yong Lin once possessed all kinds of dreams when he was a lot younger, he tended to draw out every of his brilliant creation by his imagination. But then, his parents, especially his father, began forbidding their son to remain in his own world of delusions despite being an adult soon since four to five years ago. His father threw away all his beautiful painting and sketches, some even couldn’t escape from the fate of being burnt in a dustbin. What’s worse was every scene happened right before his eyes, he was forced to view the disappearance of his own world.

Slowly after that dramatically traumatic incident, he lost his imagination, somehow.
“It’s just that I prefer reasoning than making artistic things which couldn’t even feed me.” Said Yong Lin very straightforwardly as he rejected his classmates’ offer to create murals for their school during the last few weeks of classes.

What’s wrong to be imaginative? Must I be a completely logical adult to get a living in this world? If it’s so, I feel…I feel like staying like this… Just as a teenager. Speaking of teenager, what is Adam doing here? Was that a type of silly trickery he put on me? It’s been a while since we bade farewell after graduation.

A hard-cover book was thrown onto his face. “AW!” He got up instantly and found Alcudi standing there with a slightly impatient look on his face.
“The principal needs the recipe for her new set of potions in her cauldron.” He informed.
“What? So she needs us?” Yong Lin left his bed, “Yes, we are heading to the second floor.”

“Can’t you just go and do it yourself while I take a nice nap at first floor here?” Yong Lin asked, feeling that it was ridiculous to get a recipe together. Alcudi frowned and Yong Lin added, “It’s just a recipe, a piece of written paper inside a book, it can’t be running around on the floor, right?”

“Of course it can.” Yong Lin was shocked, “Come on, no time to waste, move before I turn you into a tadpole and feed the fish nearby.” Alcudi’s threat was terrifying indeed. Yong Lin dashed out of his room and questioned Alcudi, “WHERE’S THE LIBRARY?”

Fairly Wizardy

A sweet scent of tulips tickled his nose, he sneezed and woke up.

“Where am I?” was the very first question popped in his mind. The current scene he was seeing made no sense connecting with his previous memory.

“I should be sleeping on my bed.” He mumbled, having no idea what had happened when he slumbered.

“What are these?” Spoke in his mind as he grabbed up a bit of lemongrass. He stood up and the wind stroke his face tenderly, he felt welcomed, somehow. Without much more consideration, he then started walking through the mysterious path in the forest.

The little green sprites were hopping around above the pond, mischievously, giving extra sense of serenity brought by the mother nature there. The tiny purple fairies roamed around like a glowing orb that shone the brightest in the dim woods. They behaved gently, having their own fun nonchalantly, as if this boy was never there since then.

He strolled deeper into the woods and at the end there located a huge building, about 50 feet high. He was overwhelmed not only by the height but the beauty of the building too. The transparent butterfly wings flapped a few times and columns of water streamed through the roof, entering the building after that. He took a closer look at the sign nearby, it says “Welcome to Fairy Academy.”

The door was left ajar, thus he went in, was hoping to find anybody to enlighten him. Nevertheless, a man stopped him at his back, the man grasped his shirt, “Who do you think you are to intrude here?”

“I’m sorry…” He apologized in fear and the man released his hand. He remained silence until the robed man kicked his knee, “What are you waiting for? Tell the name, kiddo.” The boy whimpered loudly as he held his knee.

“I…I…” He halted as he was truly horrified.
“Aw, Karajan, keep your temper from our guest. Don’t you know you never fail to frighten the student in the first place?” A woman’s voice came from inside. The woman rubbed her purple crystal ball and moved to them sluggishly.
“Hmph, alright then. But not before his introduction!” Sir Karajan just couldn’t let the poor boy go easily.

“My name…My name is Yong Lin.” His voice trembled as he stated his name.
“A fine name it is, you must be the new student right? Are you interested in magic?” The kind woman smiled as she questioned.

“Yes… But… I wanted to know… Where is this place?” He grabbed his chests and panted as he spoke.
“Poor thing… Wait a moment please.” She quickly ran to the tall stem at her side and shouted, “Oh Alcudi! Alcudi! Could you get your new classmate some tea?”

“Okay, Principal Ivana! At an instant.” A short boy with a pair of frameless spectacles jumped on the leaves on the stem.
“Wait! Is that you? Adam?” Yong Lin was surprised to see this boy who had just landed from the upper floor.
“What Adam? I am Alcudi, the Wizard in training.“ He corrected Yong Lin, thinking that Yong Lin made a mistake.
“But… It IS you! How comes?” Yong Lin dashed to him and caught his shoulders, taking a careful look. Alcudi slammed his hands away and moved a step backwards from him.

“Now…now… Be calm…” Principal Ivana giggled.

Memories, are marks created by our past…
Still, it may vanish or get distorted effortlessly…
Odd things were odd, I couldn’t recognize my friend.

Maybe it was me, who had disappeared from the world for too long, just that I wasn’t aware.

The Glazy Gentleman

Let me regain my bravery,
To inform you something officially,
Not that I bring hostility,
Blame it all to my nobility,
Giving myself the incapability,
To retain my emotional stability,
Upon meeting you instantly.

Sorry but it’s not my responsibility
To always keep you happy,
Since I have a rigged personality.
So, please forgive my uncertainty,
On satisfying your scarcity,
Because love is all about velocity,
And I am lack of the required ferocity,
To get you to the heart of my city.

I might look cold,
But I am not old.
You see I mind,
But I am just kind.
Just that I don’t smile
Still I am mild,
Therefore don’t leave me a mile.

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